Guernsey Photography Festival 2021




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In this photographic series, Moseley aims to use sculptural form to examine space within the 2D image. Beginning by making these images by using a range of materials, both natural and human-made and make sculptures, Moseley then photographed them, suspended, in a confined space, manipulating them both physically and digitally beyond identifiable form. “I seek to communicate balance, whilst also inviting the viewer to see the fantasy of the work” she says. “The materials are from our everyday, very recognisable world, yet they seem to be suspended, upended and interrupted in space.” Physicality is pertinent to this work; the objects communicate with gravity and light.

About Estelle

Estelle Moseley is an artist based in Guernsey who predominantly works with photography and the visual image; however painting, drawing and language are often key parts of my creative process. She is currently studying Fine Art Photography at Arts University Bournemouth, focussing on the subjects of physicality, materiality and time.

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To learn more about Estelle Moseley visit: and follow her on Instagram: @estelle.moseley